2024-02-07, Gothenburg – Volupe, an esteemed Smart Expert and Siemens Platinum Solution Partner specializing in the delivery and support of engineering software across the Nordic, CEE, Iberia, Baltic, and Benelux regions, proudly announces our strategic partnership with Blykalla, a pioneer in the development of small modular reactors (SMRs). This partnership highlights Volupe's commitment to fostering advancements in nuclear technology by equipping Blykalla with the Siemens Simcenter portfolio, including the Simcenter STAR-CCM+ software and unparalleled technical support.


Blykalla stands at the vanguard of research and development for advanced SMRs. Aiming to enable a completely fossil-free future, Blykalla diligently transitions its research, accumulated over 25 years, from conceptualization to market readiness. Their mission to augment intermittent energy sources with reliable baseload energy is pivotal for the sustainable energy transition. Blykalla’s innovative and first-of-its-kind lead-cooled SMR concept marries proven technology with novel proprietary materials to surmount the industry's most pressing challenges.

“We’ve had a great experience with Volupe so far. They have been easy to work with and the product is instrumental to our design process, especially in this phase where we really must rely on the advanced and extensive CFD calculations that this software enables. We look forward to this partnership.”
Martin Meyerhöffer – Head of Engineering, Blykalla AB

The collaboration with Volupe provides Blykalla access to leading-edge simulation software and unparalleled technical expertise, essential for navigating the complexities and ensuring the efficacy of their SMR technology. Volupe’s profound expertise in the Siemens Simcenter portfolio, particularly Simcenter STAR-CCM+, enables Blykalla to elevate design precision, safety measures, and performance standards of their SMR technology.

"We are honored that Blykalla has chosen Volupe as their partner to advance their groundbreaking work in the nuclear energy sector," says Robert Samuelsson, CEO at Volupe. "Our alliance with Siemens and our status as a Platinum Solution Partner enables us to deliver unmatched technical insights and advanced software solutions that resonate with Blykalla’s forward-thinking approach to sustainable energy."
Robert Samuelsson – CEO, Volupe AB

About Volupe

Volupe is a recognized Smart Expert and Siemens Platinum Solution Partner, dedicated to the provision and support of engineering software within the Nordic, CEE, Iberia Baltic, and Benelux regions. Focused primarily on the Siemens Simcenter portfolio, Volupe is committed to aiding companies in their journey towards technical and innovative excellence by offering sophisticated software solutions and expert guidance.

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Blykalla and Volupe
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