Simcenter Flotherm software

Simcenter Flotherm software is an advanced tool that creates a thermal digital twin of an electronics product. The software is capable of simulating temperature and airflow with unmatched accuracy, making it an indispensable resource for engineers and product designers.

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Why Simcenter FLOTHERM?

Accelerate electronics thermal design workflow
Simcenter Flotherm integrates with electronics development to offer thermal management, simulation-based decision making, and final thermal design verification. This shortens development, eliminates risks, and provides quick accurate results and feedback to engineering functions. Innovative SmartPart technology, extensive libraries, EDA and MCAD data handling, and a tailored stable solver technology, state-of-the art compact thermal modeling techniques, automatic model calibration, and optimization functionalities can aid in shortening the thermal analysis process.

Leverage accurate, fast thermal analysis
Leverage Simcenter Flotherm’s instantaneous and reliable cartesian gridding for complex electronics models. The meshing and solver is designed to handle length scales from sub-micron to meters. SmartPart-based, object-associated gridding eliminates the need for re-gridding as locations and orientations of objects are changed. This speeds up simulation results and design space exploration.

Why Choose Simcenter FLOTHERM

Simcenter Flotherm provides precise transient analysis for electronic devices and products. The software has the ability to simulate transient events at sub-microsecond timescales. You can model various transient behaviors such as time-dependent power dissipation in components and transient thermostatic control modeling. The latter allows variations in model input based on monitored temperature. These advanced capabilities facilitate modeling of power cycles for power electronics applications, transitions in consumer device operating power modes, fan control cooling, and evaluating power derating and thermal mitigation strategies.

Leverage the Simcenter Flotherm reliable gridding method which is effortless to utilize and focus on thermal design. The robust structured-Cartesian method is numerically efficient, making it ideal for meshing typical electronics. Fast grid generation and minimized solution time are possible with localized grid controls for finer resolution. The value in SmartPart based or object-assisted grid generation is that it automatically updates, eliminating the need for full regridding when geometry changes for orientation or position over successive studies.

Boundary Condition Independent Reduced Order Model (BCI-ROM) technology provides significant advantages for fast transient thermal analysis of electronics. It is orders of magnitude faster than full 3D CFD while maintaining accuracy. Simcenter Flotherm can extract a BCI-ROM based on a conduction analysis, solving up to 40,000+ times faster in demonstrated cases. The boundary condition independence of reduced order models makes BCI-ROMs extremely valuable, enabling them to be used in any thermal environment. BCI-ROMs can be exported in several formats, including matrix, VHDL-AMS, and FMU, for use in a variety of circuit simulation and system thermal modeling tools.

Volupes contacts for Simcenter FLOTHERM

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Business developer +46 731 473 320

Lukas Johansson, M.Sc.

Business developer +46 704 466 297
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