Dimensionless numbers for CFD calculations

This week at the Volupe blog we are announcing our new web page that hopefully will help you in your engineering work, the web page for Dimensionless numbers. You can find this web page next to the y+ calculator, as seen in the picture below.

Volupe dimensionless numbers


The web page is providing information about the most commonly used dimensionless numbers in CFD simulations. For each dimensionless number there is the possibility to see the definition, information about the number and also calculating the value of the number by assigning values to the parameters in the definition. See picture below for default appearance of one of the dimensionless numbers.

dimensionless number

By enabling the information you will see the explanation of parameters, and also information about how to use the dimensionless number.

dimensionless number information


By enabling the calculation of the dimensionless number you will have the possibility to calculate the number of your choice.


dimensionless number calculate


We at Volupe hope that this will be a handy tool, and all feedback is welcome at support@volupe.com, so we can adjust the content of the web page so it is as useful as possible for you as a simulation engineer.


Christoffer Johansson, M.Sc.

Christoffer Volupe

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