Simulation History stores Coordinate Systems

The Simulation History in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is a powerful feature that allows you to monitor and record key simulation data over time. This can include things like residuals, forces, moments, or any other scalar quantities of interest. The Simulation History is especially useful for transient simulations, where the solution changes over time. By recording selected quantities at each time step, you can track the evolution of the solution and gain insights into the behavior of your model.

Once the simulation run concludes, you can leverage the Simulation History to generate scenes and animations using Screenplay. With the insights into the progression of your simulation you can define scenes with optimal scalar values, ensuring impactful visualizations.

But when we run DFBI applications, like a maneuvering boat, the body may move and for post processing and visualizing the results, the motion may need to be decomposed for easier understanding. Like the example below where the boats forward translation is subtracted from the motion, so the boat appears to be stationary, even though it is moving in the forward direction. This was achieved with the help of Managed Coordinate Systems and automated export of scene views.


However, a managed Coordinate System relative to the simulation file and could not be stored along with the solution in the Simulation History. The information to transform the view was just lost when saving the intermediate result to a simh file. In an animation based on the solution views, the yacht would only travel through and eventually out of the scene view.


Consequently animation needed to be created from exported scene images. With some tricks you could get the orientation right for some simple motions as described here:

But now, in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2306 Solution Histories data types supports Coordinate Systems. Coordinate Systems are automatically stored in the Solution History file without any user input required. The recorded history of the Coordinate System can be used as a Representation for the View in a Scene. This supports an easy way to set up  a motion-following animation.

1 CSysRepresentation



The Simulation History is a key tool for understanding the performance of your model, assessing the convergence of your solution, and validating your results against experimental data. We hope you find this new feature valuable for your next 6-DOF simulation. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.


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