Drag coefficients in fluid dynamics

This week at the Volupe blog we are announcing our new web page regarding drag coefficients. The web page is an addition to the “Volupe Engineering Handbook” that already comprises the y+ calculator and the information on dimensionless numbers. The aim is to provide useful information on our webpage, that can help the calculation engineer in his/her daily work. The web page for Drag coefficients in fluid dynamics is located under Support at the Volupe main page, see the picture below.

Drag coefficient volupe lift

The webpage summarizes drag coefficients based on experimental data for a number of 2D and 3D shapes. More information, best practice and recommendations for lift and drag calculations with CFD, will be added within shortly.

We at Volupe hope that this web page will be useful. If you have any comments or questions you are welcome to reach out to us at support@volupe.com.
We published this post today (Thursday) since tomorrow is the Swedish holiday Midsummer We wish you all a great weekend!


Christoffer Volupe

Christoffer Johansson, M.Sc.




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