Keeping a hawk-eye on the tech

As a man with a multitude of interests and many things up and flying, Carl Stenson enjoys the multi-faceted work at Volupe. He is also one of the first employed and has helped to recruit the company’s technical staff. So, if you ever want a technical overview of what Volupe do, Carl’s your man.

Within Carl’s responsibilities is to manage the company’s technical support business and technical staff. He is the person that make sure that the applications Volupe bring to the market works in the customer’s everyday business.
Some years ago, when he worked at a competing company, he got to know Robert, the CEO of Volupe. After many years of acquaintance Carl was recruited by Robert as his first employee, as he wanted Carl’s technical experience in CAE and simulation driven product development to be part of the company’s assets.

– It just happens that I’m the person living closest to our office, just a few kilometers from here. I’ve got two kids and like to do a lot of different things, among them sports, music, furniture-making and walking in the woods.
– I have no problem with doing many different things in on single day, and I guess that helps in such a diverse work situation as the one at Volupe. In the technical aspect I worked 14 years with calculations, so I have a good insight in what we do here.

“I have the overview of what our products can do.”

What do you do an average day?
– I work close to both the sales team and the technical staff, supporting sales in technical expertise and technical staff in technical support. I often come along when we meet prospects for the first time. In such meetings I talk about our technical expertise, as I have the overview of the capability of our products.
Right now, I work with a technical go-to-market strategy for the finite element-based simulation software Simcenter 3D and FEMAP. This is an area we focus on and want to expand our business in. I also work with a process for customer success, to assure that our customers are satisfied with the products we are selling and with the technical support they receive from us.

Why do you do what you do?
– I have a solid background in tech and applications, often based in problem-solving. At my previous work as a consultant, I was also partly responsible for the business approach of the products, and to convince the customers of the advantages from a financial viewpoint. I like to be involved in both tech and sales.
– As a person I both enjoy doing a lot of different things and to approach problems and tasks with a broad perspective. At the same time, I want to constantly develop and learn more on just about anything that interest me.

What’s your driving force?
– Hmm. Tricky question. Not sure I ever analyzed myself that way, even if I always want to do my best. Let me return with the answer. Interesting question, though…

When are you satisfied with what you do?
– Most of the time, actually. When it turns out the way I intended it to do, and when the target is met. That said, I like to be surprised, especially when something turns out much better than I thought it could have.

What’s your approach to solving things?
– On a private note, it’s like cooking. You want to be inspired, and then to test your knowledge. Try new recipes and develop them. Redo them and do it right. I’m not likely to be disappointed when something fails, just curious on how to make it right, and of course make it better.
– At work I try to have the same approach. You need to always learn from your challenges. And to find new and different ways of conducting your business. I am always self-critical and self-evaluating. I also feel it’s important to listen to tips and to get inspired from others. And I very much believe in testing before putting something to the market.

“Being responsive is important!”

What matters when you meet others?
– I believe in creating relationships. Just as much among colleagues as with customers. I like to get to know a bit more about our customers. It’s important to me that they can trust me on the products we sell to them. I am a good listener and am genuinely interested of others, careers and background. I’d like to see myself as an accommodating person, one that care for others. I’m interested of both the techs and the people. Being responsive is important!

Anything special that makes you proud?
– Yes, being part of Volupe from the very start and to build our business. I’m proud of what I did earlier in my professional life (with ÅF), especially growing a large business network of colleagues and customers.
– And I’m a proud father of two, loving my family!

What do you think the future will bring?
– I see a quite larger company, as we at Volupe have a lot to offer to the market. That we have built a greater scope of expertise and have more products put to market. Maybe we sit in a larger office of our own. And we are one of the largest partners in simulations in the Nordic. Because, we’ll have a wider and even more to the point technical advantage, in its turn providing a lot more customers. Maybe in other segments of industry and definitely throughout our segment of today (marine, energy efficiency and infrastructure).

“… help clients solve their problems and ensuring a high grade of customer satisfaction.”

– Yes, almost forgot, my driving forces. I want to help clients to solve their problems and to ensure a high grade of customer satisfaction. I also want to broaden and deepen my own knowledge of simulation-driven product development.

Carl Stenson
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